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Norton keeps deleting .exe files

Norton keeps deleting .exe files that come from reputable sources. When I scan these files Norton says that the file is safe, however, when I try to run them it says that the file is unsafe and deletes it. Sometimes it deletes these files even when I don't run them, for example, when I extract from compression or when I simply open the folder they are in. This has happened several times now and it is becoming difficult because I have to have my security off in order to use my computer.

Can anyone offer any advice? I would appreciate it.



Re: Norton keeps deleting .exe files

Hi VWood:

Welcome to the Norton forum, and sorry for the delay in responding to your question.  Were you still looking for assistance with this problem?

If I recall correctly, individual files bundled inside a compressed file (e.g., ZIP or self-extracting .EXE installers) are not scanned by Download Insight when they are downloaded, but if a suspicious/malicious file is bundled inside it will be detected by your Auto-Protect real-time protection after the compressed file is unpacked and the suspicious file is executed or when the compressed file is scanned manually.

If you re-enable your Norton real-time protection and disable scanning of compressed files (Settings | Antivirus | Scans and Risks | Computer Scans | Compressed File Scan) does the problem still occur?  You didn't mention what Norton product and version number (available at Help | General Information | About) or the build of your Windows OS, but some Windows 10 users are currently reporting a problem with scanning of compressed files in SPaulovic's thread PC freezes during quick scan (Win 10 64-bit,

If you believe this is a false positive detection by Norton you can submit the file(s) to Symantec for further evaluation as instructed in Tony Weiss' thread How To Report False Positives.  Symantec will notify you by e-mail and the files will be whitelisted in a few days if the files are safe and no longer meet Symantec's criteria for a detection.

It's also positive that your "reputable" .exe files are actually bundled with malware or a low-risk PUP (potentially unwanted program) that is legitimately being detected by Norton.  Can you provide further information about the name of the software and the detected file, the URL where it was downloaded, the name of the threat (e.g., WS.Reputation.1), etc?  If you go Security | History, choose Resolved Security Risks from the Show dropdown box and double-click on the entry for your detected file, you should be able to copy and paste details about the detection in your next post by clicking the Copy to Clipboard link in the bottom right corner.  That should give us the SHA-256 and/or MD5 hash (digital fingerprint) of the file, and if the file is confirmed as "safe" (we can submit the hash to VirusTotal for you for further analysis) we can also provide instructions for excluding it from future Norton scans.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.5.3 * NS Premium v22.11.2.7 * MB v3.3.1

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