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Identity Safe Not Working

I have been having a reoccurring problem with the Identity Safe not working. It will show OFF on the Norton screen. Turning it on does nothing. I have to reboot and hope it works. Not good since everything has to be opened with a login and password. I have sent the info to Norton on several occasions and was even given a refund of last years subscription. That was very nice but I need the safe to open. I use this computer mainly for work. Not one time has anyone responded even though my email address is provided. I am just going to look elsewhere when this subscription runs out.



Re: Identity Safe Not Working

What is your operating system?

What actions have you taken to attempt correction - in addition to rebooting?

Have you tried running the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool?


Have you tried running the Norton Power Eraser?


If you do not have administrator rights on your system have you contacted your network administrator for assistance?

I am assuming that your operating system and security software are up to date.

There are additional steps that can be taken if the above suggestions do not resolve the problem

Stay well and surf safe

Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

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