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Add Cloudflare to DNS options

Please add Cloudflare DNS to DNS options.



Re: Add Cloudflare to DNS options

Hello MonkeyMan. Adding cloud flare DNS more than likely isn't going to happen anytime soon if ever. There are other threads requesting it here on the Core forums. I have however sent a hit list of issues as well as customer feature concerns to the team. Other priorities are taking precedence at the present time.


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Re: Add Cloudflare to DNS options


Something else to think about.

If we assume that Norton will get its act together at some point this decade and offer "Norton Secure DNS" service as advertised, then the Norton "ecosystem" of Secure DNS, Core, and Norton endpoint products (desktop and mobile) would probably be a better end-to-end security solution than a combination of Norton plus 3rd-party DNS (such as Cloudflare, ISP, etc.), endpoint clients, etc.

That's why I'm sticking with Norton so far, but the clock's ticking...

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