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Stop Pop-up "You Are Protected Online"

This just began appearing in Chrome in the upper right corner. 

The Full Text Of The Message Is:

"You Are Protected Online
Your Norton Security Toolbar is active. Click the toolbar icon at the top right of your browser to access the toolbar and Norton Safe Search."

Question 1: Can anyone confirm this a legitimate popup from Norton?

Q2: How do I get it to go away and stay away? I have already previously set Norton Security to not notify me of special offers so I'm guessing that setting won't work on this message.

Comment: Why does Norton keep adding pop-ups. I tell all my tech support clients not to click on ANY popups, even if they appear to be from Norton (as we all know there have been fake AV popups). We are trying to teach people to be smart on the internet but this isn't going to help IT professionals convince people that you shouldn't just click on everything that appears on your screen. Please stop adding all these messages! You have a good product. Don't annoy and/or scare you customers away with things they don't want or need. AV should run silently in the background unless there is a real problem. Anything else creates confusion and/or annoyance.