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End of Service - Norton Shopping Guarantee for Norton Security Users

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for participating in the Norton Shopping Guarantee pilot program via your Norton Security toolbar. Please be advised that the pilot program will be ending on June 29th, 2018. Eligible purchases will continue to receive Guarantees until June 29th, 2018 and those Guarantees will remain active for their standard 30 day period starting from the date of purchase. Purchases made after June 29th, 2018 will not receive a Guarantee from the pilot program for Norton Security Toolbar users.

This notice only applies to the Norton Shopping Guarantee for Norton Security Toolbar users pilot program. There are thousands of online stores who offer Norton Shopping Guarantee to all shoppers on their sites. All eligible purchases made from these sites will continue to receive the full benefits of the Norton Shopping Guarantee program. See https://www.nortonshoppingguarantee.com/ for more information.