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Ads by Royals

I'm not sure what/where this new behavior came from, but I've noticed the past few days my Google searches pop open a section of adware links up near the top of the search results that has a little tag "Ads by Royals"... I suppose it's either an extension or some adware/malware app that is causing this. I haven't installed anything recently so perhaps it came from a page I've visited. Poking into the Ads element shows links to othersearch.info as well. In any case, anyone know how to get rid of this? Google searches haven't been helpful and most of the search results got flagged by my malware detector anyways. I'm kind of surprised that this isn't something Norton detects and gets rid of.



Re: Ads by Royals

Norton is designed to detect virus style malware and some others, but have you installed an ad blocker such as AdBlock Plus or UBlock Origin ?

They will get rid of most pop ups/adware. I use UBlock Origin, personally.

Also, try running a scan with MalwareBytes Free edition.

Zemana Anti Malware Free is also good.


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Re: Ads by Royals

Hi, yeah, I have ABP and had UBlock, though I ended up removing it because another plugin seemed to interfere with it. I did a scan with Malwarebytes and their adwcleaner.

I might try Zemana again too.

I do hope Norton adds detection of that adware/malware. Would be nice to have it removed without dealing with it (and failing so far...)


Re: Ads by Royals

FWIW -- generic information -- may not apply 

If you are still experiencing problems while trying to remove Ads brought by Royals pop-ups from your machine, please do one of the following:

  • Run a system scan with Zemana AntiMalware
  • Ask for help in our Malware Removal Assistance forum.



Re: Ads by Royals


You might want to try one of the free Malware Removal sites. Pick one of them and you will work with 1 expert until your computer is clean. The expert will tell you what to run and then you give them the results.

Please see this link for an up to date description of these sites plus the addition of a newly listed site formed by one of our successful malware remover users who unfortunately has passed away. That site is still being run by a good expert who happens to be one of the other Gurus.  The new site is listed first in this link.


Have a Good Night and



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