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Is there any way to use my norton core as a NAS?

Hi guys... I used to run a Qnap Nas on top of my Core and it's been my Nas and Print server for 6 or 7 years. Problem is that since a new firmware update to the NAS it's giving me constant alerts on my Norton Core that's given me the spooks...

I contacted Qnap for a solution which they're unable to give me a solution. I've decided to ditch my Qnap Nas and am looking for a way to use my Norton Core as a solution.

I've already been able to make Core run as a print server, but is there any way I could use the USB3 connector on the Core as a Nas or file sharing thing? Most other routers have it...




Re: Is there any way to use my norton core as a NAS?

Hello TS. Here is a trace for the first IP address in your screenshot. The larger question on my part is how is your Qnap setup with Core? Is it connected directly to Core or through another device between you ISP and Core? Your Qnap shouldn't be seeing outside traffic even more so from an Asian entity in Qatar.

Answering the Core as a NAS, any NAS storage device should be connected to via Ethernet or Wifi ONLY on Core. USB3 NAS is not supported.


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Re: Is there any way to use my norton core as a NAS?

Hi Soul Asylum

It's a messy room and the Qnap Nas is connected to the Core via a network switch. The Qnap Nases are built to have a bunch of app running in the back ground, but I've got nothing installed on there. It was previously used as a NAS and a Printserver only. My network is a little complicated but:

1. The ISP's router with Upnp enabled, wifi disabled (connected to PS4s and gaming consoles, very non critical stuff)

2. Norton Core connected to the ISP's router with Upnp disabled, wifi enabled (connected to roughly 6 or 7 PCs and the Qnap Nas, IOT devices etc..)

My room is a cable and wifi mess, but to get some functions to work I do need Uni plug and prey (not play) so it's intentionally set outside of the Core network.

The Qnap Nas has been connected to Core for roughly a year via a network switch, however a recent firmware upgrade from Qnap has brought about this chaos. I've switched my print server to the Core USB and am about to take Qnap offline because of this.

I guess at this point... I need to buy one of those cheap Atom PCs and hookup a HDD to set it up as a file and print server...

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