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What type of data does Norton Community Watch submit to Symantec?


I was searching through the security history entries of my Norton product when I noticed an entry for a Norton Community Watch feedback that contained a personal file. 

I am wondering what type of data are sent to Symantec. I am ok with Symantec to analyze files that I download and send their "signature" back to the servers for the cloud protection to work properly, but I don't want in any way to have my personal files submitted. 

See the window below of a word file I created that is pending submission. 




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Re: What type of data does Norton Community Watch submit to Symantec?

See this Norton KB on Community Watch.   https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v8958962_ns_r...

Check your Norton settings as outlined in that article to control what is sent to Symantec.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: What type of data does Norton Community Watch submit to Symantec?

I am not sure why a document would be submitted unless it contains a macro.  Executable files that may be malicious are submitted for analysis.

This information is stated in your product's license agreement.  For the latest Norton Security:

As part of Norton Community Watch, device and product information, internet usage as it relates to
malware and potentially fraudulent sites, and processes and applications running at the time a security
risk is encountered. This data collection is neither designed nor intended to collect Your personal data.
Symantec shall not process any of this data in a way or for a purpose that seeks to identify or involves
intentionally identifying You, evaluating personal characteristics concerning You, profiling You or making
any determinations of a personal nature related to You. Symantec shall take reasonable technical and
organizational measures to anonymize or dispose of any of Your personal data that may be incidentally
collected for the purposes of Norton Community Watch. This data is necessary to effectively identify
security risks on or to Your Device and, through the data aggregation of the Norton community, provide
essential information for mitigating such security threats and improving user security and product
functionality, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of Norton-specific tasks and settings on Your
Device. You understand and acknowledge that if You disable the collection of data for the purpose of
Norton Community Watch by altering the default settings of Your Device, You may reduce Symantec’s
ability to effectively identify and mitigate security risks, and Your and Your Device’s protection from such
risks may be impacted.

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