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Managing changes in email address and phone

I'm hoping others will read this and add their comments!  I have been a long time Symantec/Norton user going back to the DOS and very early Windows days.  Internet identity confirmation and anti-spoofing efforts have complicated my use of Norton products as well as other web based services at a time when managing complexity is gradually becoming more frustrating and time consuming, especially for someone with a growing short term memory deficit.

Starting over two years ago, I began working to migrate my wife and myself to a new, more primitive (rural) internet environment after 50 years in very close proximity to one of the original nine nodes of ARPANET.  Changes in the way software developers analyze and implement software maintenance decisions have proceeded apace.

That said, when I started looking into changing my subscriber email address from the one where Norton products had be set up in the past, I discovered that many hurdles had been put in the way of something that I though was relatively easy, changing the email address associated with an account.

I finally recently got it done.  It took reading online documentation, it took several chat sessions, and more than one phone conversation, and inordinate amounts of my precious time!  Is there something that can be done to help others navigate this maze without issues like inability to complete verifications due to network propagation delays? 

We finally changed or cell phone numbers from one area code to another.  The change fairly closely coincided with changing the account email address.  Getting texted to verify new numbers became a "catch 22" situation.  Then our cell service provider decided to take literally "forever" to actually deliver SMS messages.  Being on the receiving end was absolutely insanely frustrating.  We have both Android and iOS devices.  Norton products came out with new versions.  Microsoft had 4 updates for Windows 10 this last 30 days.  

"Retired Cybergeek"