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Norton 360 and Android

I've subscribed to Norton 360 since 2009, and am currently using 2 of my 3 licenses on PCs. I've just realised that the description for Norton 360 in my account says "Award-winning protection for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices" so I would now like to install Norton onto my Android phone.

However, when I've tried to do that, it just seems to offer me something called a Password Vault, and I've noticed an FAQ on the Norton site (https://www.nortonsecurityonline.com/faq/art/is-norton-360-available-for...) says it doesn't actually work with Android after all.

I'm a bit confused - is Norton 360 available for my Android or not?

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Re: Norton 360 and Android

First, the site you linked to is not official Norton Support, but an 'Authorized Partner'. They should have the correct information, but there have been times where there are some differences.

From that link,

Two Norton 360 based products that include protection for Android based devices are Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton One.

So unless you had specifically purchased the Multi Device version of 360, you cannot install a Norton Mobile Security product using your 360 subscription.

Those products noted are no longer available from Norton. As long as you have been keeping your older 360 product up to date, it is functionally identical to the newer Norton Security products, except for the name displayed in the product. So you may as well upgrade to the newer Norton Security product line. If you use the backup feature of 360 and want to continue, you will have to upgrade to Norton Security Premium. That is the only version with the backup feature.

Once you have the new subscription, you would install Norton Mobile Security, Norton Security and Antivirus on the Google Play Store. Then you can activate the full version using your Norton Security subscription.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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