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Programs Controls Blank/Updates not current/Also more than 1 version

Okay I have been dealing with this essentially since Norton created the ability to block files from going online.  I use this feature a great deal to block programs that despite saying no internet contact/system reports/crash reports, etc they still do it despite check the No, no thank you, stop asking, you get the idea.  Games and apps are both alike where we have the good guys that respect your privacy and ones that don't.  So I have been using program controls to help me.  Well it was to my shock when I renewed and it said I did not have the current version.  I have that option checked in my autoupdate/update features to keep me current.  I don't remember the exact version without bringing out my clone to get the actual version.  However with the interface changes and some new options it is obviously new.

First issues, version numbers.  You list in your own forums when one googles for the latest version number for NIS/NS or whatever it gets renamed every few years,, well my version is currently and this was from 7 days ago and still is.  Yes the version number .16.3.21 is from January I believe.  In your forums you see yet another version is released.  It would be nice to know just who is the trusted source.  Why after a full year my version never updated till I renewed my subscription.  From what I understand any and all updates/upgrades are part of the subscription.  I know you will blame it on any other security program I have, however I have been working with the current setup for about 9 years and the program has kept it self up to date and played nice with other security software (Malwarebytes and Web Advisor only) it was only this time I noticed so many changes that I checked the version.  So why was the software not updating to a new version and why wasn't it warning me.  I did the rounds of certain features that would have warned if I was out of date.

2nd Issue - Program Controls.  Why has this remained broken since I started complaining about the issue as well as many, many others, in the early 2000's.  I

Settings->Firewall-(tab called) Program Control.  Once again it has been erased and I have to spend my own time redoing all those entries.  I don't get paid, shouldn't I get a discount for doing your work over again and again.  I have given up trying to do live sessions with your support as they start poking around things that have nothing to do whatsoever and make changes and then forget to put them back and then I am left with redoing them.  I have many times told the support not to uninstall as it will delete the program control rules, and they insist it won't, so they do it and then say okay it is there, I say where are the entries, oh when we installed a newer version the program controls do not carry over.  I said I didn't want them lost unless you knew the new version would remember each entry.  They say well just redo them.  With the mini-window that list the program files and program files (x86) opened instead of the much easier 2013 and earlier mini windows explorer window (been told no way to change that Norton designed it to use newer less easier to use version).  So once again another time waster on my hands.  I saw in one post that now supposedly they store this log/database/form or whatever that shows all your program controls entries on your online account (but is that only if I buy the one with 25gb of online storage).  Told can't export these program rules or transfer the file to the new version.  So what is the straight story on this, since the person in the thread I mentioned after about 45m tech support recovered the rules and updated it to yet another version different than current.

3rd Problem - Where is the promised container/sandbox/virtual VM-mini that has been promised.  Many other companies, even the free  ones, like Comodo have delivered the container where you can run a program inside of it and it does no harm to your system and changes are all inside that "container" or mini-VM.  Right now I have to have a second hard drive with windows on it that I have to exit my current hard drive, shut down the system, reboot with the different drive that uses other company software for containing/testing with no damage (also I don't do a VM on my current drive - personal preference not to use a VM).  It just seems Norton changes it design and color and website every year but never seems to address these other issues.

Why not use a little mini windows explorer to find the folders for which you block the .exe?

Why not allow the instant transfer of all program control rules between 22.x versions?

Why do you say one version is current then say something else is (note this one popped up at the head of the list of search results)?

You still offer the best protection, yet I have yet to see much needed new features added.  Please say the concerns and problems are fixed and there is a way without uninstalling the security software and getting rid of any other company who I use for security (only internet site protection and ransomware protection (from PC Worlds best) and malwarebytes to cover things you miss.

Angry Symantec User.