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Security wipe, is it on or off?

Hi there,

I have a new Samsung/Android phone which I am trying to get used to, and I have installed Norton Mobile Security.

The problem is, I am scared that I may get the unlock password attempts wrong more than 10 times & I don't want to see the device get wiped!

Please can someone tell me if I have this activated or not? Everything is highlighted in green saying protected, but when I tap Anti Theft, I see that Security Wipe has a little greyed out toggle next to it, so I am not sure if this indicates on or off?

Thank you for your time.




Re: Security wipe, is it on or off?

If the toggle is grey beside Security Wipe, that feature is not enabled. You can check by tapping on the toggle and you will see it turn blue when the feature is turned on.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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