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Safe web verification on Shopify

Hi, the verification for my site www.allure.watch doesn't seem to be working for some reason despite putting the meta tag on my site. If someone could help me out that'd be greatly appreciated :). 

Here's the meta tag for reference:

<meta name="norton-safeweb-site-verification" content="33evlym93hx-k6gp3ue65sslemrwh3gilf25tqr7ygkd6kz9akrpqpfev38obgowmfckgcfuksbenmr1x--yzcq5vj6u10tl1kc5x-z13dg8musy5veb7pd0ov2x3t23" />



Re: Safe web verification on Shopify

Hello  allurewarescompany

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum.

I just checked out your website.Is that the site you are trying to get verified? It is talking about Black Friday 2018? Don't you mean Black Friday 2019? Could you verify the correct date for me? Once I hear back from you, I can notify the Safe Web Team to verify and evaluate your site manually. It can be done the same day after I notify them in most cases..

Your Meta Tag seems to be correct except the website does not seem to be finished. The Safe Web Team needs to evaluate and verify a completed website. I can't submit the website until it is a finished website and for the current year and not for a site which seems to be for last year.Please update and finish the website first. After you do that, then I can get it done for you.

Have a Good Night and


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