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Password Manager improvements needed

Password Manager was the decisive factor for me when choosing Norton over other paid security suites. Before that I was using 1Password, but I was uncomfortable storing sensitive data with a low-profile company providing a free service. However, after using the Norton Password Manager for awhile, I have to say that it lags behind competitors in terms of functionality. Here are improvements that are absolutely necessary in my opinion:

- Allow saving multiple web addresses for the same entry

- Add the possibility of creating custom fields for an entry

- When the password manager doesn't find a saved login for a particular site, allow choosing manually one of the saved logins by clicking on it in the list. It already works on the smartphone app, but not in the web extension. The web extension just tries to open a new window instead

- Mobile unlock is unreliable. Half the time I either don't get notification on my phone or don't get the response in the web extension

- On some sites the password manager is unable to fill the login fields, for example on icloud.com

- When I try to log in manually to a website and type in wrong login/password, the password manager offers me to save the wrong entries. There is no option to completely turn off saving new logins