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Secure VPN - High CPU, Not Responding (never used)

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019), Intel i9, 16GB ram, MacOS Big Sur 11.1, Norton 360 Premium for Mac


I have repeatedly found my Macbook running at high CPU, fans on full, and the root cause is the Norton Secure VPN eating CPU.

Activity Manager shows Secure VPN not responding, and a Force Quit is required to stop it.

To be clear, I have NEVER used Norton Secure VPN, don't intend to, and don't even want it installed on my system.

Is there any way to disable or uninstall Norton Secure VPN without interfering with the other parts of Norton 360?


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Re: Secure VPN - High CPU, Not Responding (never used)

I have the same problem: Norton Security VPN (not activated!) runs down the battery on my MacBook Pro - see attached screenshot. This is on version 8.6 (latest version I have access to) and started happening after my upgrade to Big Sur.

This is only one of the MANY issues I'm facing with SEP and Big Sur (like https://community.norton.com/en/comment/8495333#comment-8495333 to use an example).

I have also spent 2 sessions of over an hour with the support team - and being connected to a "developer" to help debug, which is painful as it's just a matter of time before SEP blocks out the connection and we have to start over again. I have reached the limit of my patience here - SEP is clearly not working with Big Sur but it seems Symantec choses not to respond/recognize/communicate on this (other than through support cases where they try to "fix" your computer rather than the software). It may very well be that some changes in Big Sur have caught them out - but not communicating on this is very bad.

After 10+ years as a loyal customer I'm about to give on the product all together - shameful situation.


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