uninstall Norton Secureity,life lock, Completly?

I can't change anything,on my windows 10 ,on my laptop.Every time I try to change apps, or install apps, I am blocked , the drop down,for users access says NO!  This all started when I install Life Lock,to my existing Norton Secureity ,that was working fine ,since 12/06/2010..

I just want it fixed, and I have already talked to about 6 tecknitions, in the last Two weeks.The last time, last night I was given a refference number.61040810, and last week,no.6101075845...

My Lenovo laptop-Desktop RK4NQ64-32 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM,X64 PROCESSOR, running Windows 10 Home eddition.


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Re: uninstall Norton Secureity,life lock, Completly?

When you see a User Account Control pop up, you need to enter the Admin user's password and then click on Yes.

Here is an example. This would have nothing to do with Norton or LifeLock.

Can you post an image of the message you see when you say it says NO. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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