How to Report Bugs and Suggest Enhancements?

If you agree to the LICENSE AND SERVICES BETA AGREEMENT, please participate in this beta project.



Refer to the Welcome to Norton Power Eraser Private Beta! post for instructions on how to download the product. Feel free to chat with other customers and post as much feedback as you can. If you'd like to post about specific bugs or enhancements, kindly follow the below subject line convention and details. 

To submit a suggestion, create a new thread in the Norton Power Eraser Beta board with the subject line,
Suggestion - <enhancement description goes here>

For issues, create a new thread with the subject line,
Bug - <issue description goes here>


Please mention the below details in all bug reports you submit:

  1. OS Details: 
  2. Detailed description of the issue:
  3. Complete steps to reproduce:
  4. Expected Results:
  5. Actual Results:
  6. Is this issue reproducible?
  7. Please attach logs for all issues reported. Logs can be found here: 
    C:\Users\<CURRENT USER>\AppData\Local\NPE\Logs

    Please zip up the entire directory if it is not too large, and attach under 'Log Files', or the latest subset. 

  8. Attaching screenshots will help [Click on the green button on the toolbar - IMCE]

Please ensure that your suggestion/bug reports are detailed and clear. 

Note: If another tester has already posted an issue or suggestion that you wanted to report, please reply to the same thread and add your findings, as well. But if it is a new issue, please create a new thread with the above mentioned subject line convention.

Happy testing!

Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Gen Digital