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Norton Forcing Users to Buy Utilities Ultimate

Approximately 7 days ago, Norton added files to my computer without my specific authorisation.  The immediate effect noticed was firstly to slow Windows boot-up from approximately 45 seconds, to 3-4 minutes.  The next effect was that a RH bottom corner pop-up suggested the only answer is I buy "Norton Utilities Ultimate", this leading to various standardised 'suggestions' pages as to why my computer is running slow due to all kinds of problems, many of which seem to be imaginary.  The last page asked me to purchase this additional software "for £9.42 for the remainder of the current subscription period". 

This identical procedure happened to my computer about 6 weeks ago.  I complained to Norton, they denied all knowledge of any such moves by their company and told me it was down to malware, but definitely not them!  Finally upon my insistence they viewed my computer remotely claiming they were looking for malware and problems in N360.  They made some file deletions which made older software mainly unusable or deleted.  The boot-up time for Windows immediately returned to approximately 45 seconds.

In my view, the current problem is a mirror copy of the scam they perpetrated c6 weeks ago and they have now entirely betrayed the trust any anti-virus supplier should have with their client. 

BTW the annual charge for Norton 360 is now monstrous, on another planet compared to their competitors and will no more be automatically renewed.