Well, I am done. NC is Not worth it.

After mining for 10 days straight using two gaming rigs with modern cards, I have made $8.  I literally can make more money asking a few stupid questions a day on Quora, and not stress out my rigs or use electricity.  With Ehtereum 2.0 just around the corner and the Norton staff ignoring the many cries from miners about the problems with the system, it is clear that this is a dead-end road and all Norton is after is stealing your computing power to make money for them.  They say they are charging 15%.  That is the bald-faced lie.  They are really charging around 75% to 80%.  On any other mining platform, would have earned about $35 to $40 by now.  But I have only made $8 on Norton Crypto.  Norton pocketed the rest. 

Norton says they are "Looking into" the complaints, but that is just a tactic to keep you hoping that they will do something while they continue to rape your system.  It's not like we can mine Ethereum for the next ten years.  There are MAYBE two months left to Ethereum 2.0 and Norton is moving at the speed of a glacier in solving the issues.  Can they be any more obvious as to their real motives? 

Norton, you can always prove me wrong, but I bet you won't even try. 

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