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Norton 360 is very buggy right now

Dear friends! 
I have to say that Norton / Utilities / VNP and other add-ons worked very well historically without major bugs - until the release of AntiTrack.

My four computers with Windows 10 Pro 21H2 have since gone completely crazy and I have had to uninstall and reinstall Norton several times.

I pay for all services and now understand that it is AntriTrack that is causing the misery.

* Norton stops answering
* Norton takes a lot of CPU (at least 10%)
* Live Update takes up to several minutes - if it works at all
* The icons on My Norton appear and disappear all the time.

With AntiTrack uninstalled, everything works fairly normally.

Have never experienced Norton 360 as buggy as now and everything is updated to the latest version. 



Re: Norton 360 is very buggy right now

From your own testing, it is not 360 that is buggy, but the new Norton Anti Track app that seems to be causing your issues. You say you reinstalled Norton. Did you try reinstalling Anti Track to see if that helps


Re: Norton 360 is very buggy right now

Have you recently added any other AV or VPN programs?

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