Get the feeling you have been ripped off?

I purchased Anti Tracker today as an addition to my current 360 Deluxe subscription for about $16. My current 360 subscription renews in April 2022, hence the ‘discounted’ price for the additional product. So i thought, fair enough, i’m sick of the pop up, i’ll buy it. What shits me though, is that i have 5 licenses with the 360 Deluxe but i was only able to put the Anti Tracker on 1 device, not all 5. WTF? So i messaged Norton to discuss my options, am i doing something wrong, did i miss the fine print and 3 hours later i have still not had a response. I’ve been a Norton customer for maybe 10 years or so. Never felt the need to comment on this community forum before. But after paying for the rubbish they’ve served me today i felt the need to vent. Anyone else experience this? Or is it simply a case of buyer beware of the details? Thanks.



Re: Get the feeling you have been ripped off?

Backed by our 60-day money back guarantee.
Renews at $49.99/year after the first year. Savings compared to the
renewal price. See subscription details below.*

For 1 Windows PC (Mac not currently supported)


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