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N360 window display is blank and other uninstall and reinstall issuess

I am having an issue with my Norton 360 application on one of my devices. When I open Norton 360, I get a blank window on the right side. Besides the blank window, I get the normal photo image on the left side, and a house icon in the center. When I click the house icon, I get the following message, “INTERNAL ERROR – We are unable to verify your subscription due to an internal error. Contact support for assistance”.

When I click the “Contact Support” button, I get a Norton AutoFix window and it starts a scan. After the scan, I get the statement, “We are able to detect and fix many problems with Norton 360 automatically. If your problem is not resolved, you can go to our Support Website for further assistance.” Then, I click the “Open Support Website” button.

From the Norton website, I accessed the “Fix problems opening Norton protection on Windows PC”. I ran the “Norton Remove and Reinstall” tool. At the end of the reinstallation download process, I get the following message with a big red X, “Cannot connect to the Norton Server. Unable to contact the Norton server. Please try again.” I retried several times with the same results.

My Norton 360 window is still blank after two remove and reinstall attempts. However, I do have the Norton 360 icon in my Start menu. When I right click the icon, several commands appear in a pop-up menu. I clicked the “Run Live Update” command. It starts a Live Update scan, but it doesn’t finish. I get the following message, “Failed to complete. Subscription is expired.”

Likewise, I attempted to run a Quickscan from the pop-up menu. I get the following message, “Problem Detected. Your product is inactive. For more information, go to main window of the product.” As I said earlier, my main window is blank.

When I go to the Norton website, it says that my subscription is active and that my device is protected.

I use the Chrome browser and Windows 10. 

Please help. I have run the Norton uninstall and reinstall tool (NRnR.exe) three times with no success. I have also run the Norton N360Downloader many times with no success.



Re: N360 window display is blank and other uninstall and reinstall issuess

You might try doing a clean install of Windows deleting all files and reformatting your drive. 

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