Is there a way to disable the reminder to perform a scan (quick)

Hi All,   I am a new convert to N360 and I don't want the norton icon to go yellow/red and warn me that I need to run a scan.  I prefer to rely on the realtime protection and run the odd scan when it suits me without the icon going red/yellow to indicate a problem.  Is there a way to disable the triggering of the alert telling me I need to run a scan?

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Re: Is there a way to disable the reminder to perform a scan (quick)

Norton Quick Scan is considered a priority item.  It runs periodically in the background when your PC is idle.  If it does not get a chance to run it will alert you after a few days that the scan needs to be run.  Try setting the Idle Time Out option in Norton Settings to 1 minute, so that background tasks can begin shortly after your computer becomes idle.  Setting this too high can cause the tasks to never have an opportunity to run, resulting in these notifications.

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