Family Member Credit Score through Life Lock Family

I enrolled my family in Life Lock. I am trying to see my wife's credit score because I believe her identity is being compromised. Please help.

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Re: Family Member Credit Score through Life Lock Family

Add a new member to your LifeLock plan

If you have a subscription with LifeLock, you can add or enroll a member to your plan at any time by signing in to your account. In rare cases, certain types of memberships cannot support adding members this way and require you to call Member Services & Support.

  • Add an additional member to your plan
  • Enroll a member whose subscription is already included in your plan

Please note that each adult family member must activate credit services with their own email address. 

Get started with LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock by Norton Contact Information
QUESTIONS? 1-800-416-0599 - 1-800-416-0599 

LifeLock Customer Service - 1-800-LifeLock - 1 (800) 543-3562
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection services - 855-993-1976
Cybersecurity department for Lifelock - 800-745-6061

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