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Email won't work with VPN on

My email and various other things quit working when VPN is on. They worked with it till a couple months ago, but it seems more and more things have DNS problems and problems connecting to the internet when VPN is on. 

The browsers or email may be on with VPN on and all is well, then suddenly the app quits and says there is no internet connection, or that they cannot find the DNS server.

Then they will not connect until I turn VPN off.

Didn't have that problem until recently (a month ago or so). I used to turn VPN on every time I logged it and had no such problems.



Re: Email won't work with VPN on

There are a number of other threads about Norton's VPN cutting in and out. Here is one.   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/vpn-loses-internet

Norton has been notified about this issue.

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