Reporting a few Bugs in Norton Secure VPN for windows.

I would like to report two major BUGS with Norton Secure VPN for windows.

1) The first issue is one that I have reported on several occasions over the past several years that continues to be a problem.

      Norton Secure VPN blocking access to many websites (Not all). I have reported this issue with the mobile version of Secure VPN several times in the past and now I'm reporting that the Windows version has the same issues. I will try to access a website only to be blocked and 95% of the time it's Secure VPN causing it because I can manually turn VPN off, perform a refresh on the webpage and then it comes up.

2) The second issue is equally as frustrating. Norton Secure VPN turning itself on, all by itself! I will run into the issue I descibed above, manually turn off VPN which will allow access to the webpage, then at random times after that Secure VPN will turn itself back on again!! This occurs when I'm setting at home using my own local network. Sometimes VPN will stay off for 24 hours, at other times it will turn itself back on within the hour. I get blocked, go check and sure enough it has turned itself back on again. This is very annoying. I want to be the person that controls whether it is on or off and if I turn it off, I want it to stay that way. Sometimes a reboot will cause it to turn back on, at other times a reboot will leave it off after I turned it off and at other times, I can turn it off and it just randomly turns itself back on again, sometimes several times during the day. To me this indicates a software bug!! If I turn it off, it should stay off unless I reboot.

The method I am using to turn it off is:

I go to the UP ARROW on the bottom right of the tool bar and LEFT Click on that arrow, which opens the "Show Hidden Icons" window. Then I RIGHT click on the Norton symbol that has the Green check mark on it and I choose "Open My Norton". That opens the "Norton 360" window. The third item down that menu is "Secure VPN" and I LEFT click to turn that off. 

After doing this, I can then access the websites with no issues but randomly during the day "Secure VPN" can turn itself back on again!

How can I manually turn off Secure VPN and have it stay that way unless I turn it back on manually or I reboot?


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Re: Reporting a few Bugs in Norton Secure VPN for windows.

Issue #1 is likely to be because many web sites do not allow access from known VPN IP addresses. They do this for copyright, legal, and political reasons. There is nothing a VPN provider can or should do to circumvent these legal protections. A VPN cannot block any site. 

For issue #2. From the My Norton page, click on the down arrow beside turn on /turn off beside VPN and click on Settings. Be sure Auto-Connect and Auto-VPN are both turned off.

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