where is the ultimate help desk number

Does anyone have the Australian number for this service? I stupidly cannot find it at home and even the help function doesnt reveal it. 

I cant open a website (a big realestate one) but can do so on my phone so assume norton firewall is blocking it. Also tried to resolve it on their site by clicking on the problem solving thing for Mac and Windows 10 however the only instructions here are for a Mac. Cant find where to click to help clean out/ speed up my windows 10 computer. Still cant open the website. Why is your contact number or chat area so secret?

So very very not impressed. 


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Re: where is the ultimate help desk number

I cant open a website (a big realestate one) 

what website?
VPN off? 

Norton Ultimate Help Desk
Norton™ Ultimate Help Desk – Single Use is a one-time service only (not a subscription) for 1 Device to be redeemed within 30 days of purchase.
Norton™ Ultimate Help Desk – 1 Device is an annual subscription-based service.
Norton™ Ultimate Help Desk – 3 Devices is a monthly subscription-based service.

Norton Support - Australia

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