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whatsapp android brower wp20.ru spyware


I have been informed from a friend he received from my whatsapp android application some link pointing to .ru websites . I used norton 360 on my android samsung smartphone and this one detected nothing ? After checking Whatsapp application status I notice there where a link wp20.ru/xxxxxx. When looking who is behind this adress I notice it was an already  know agressiv navigator spyware but found absolutely nothing on Norton solution ?

So first I uninstalled whatsapp, my question now is how can I be sure this spyware is completely removed, some products (spyhunter non norton) know this spyware, but I will not use it without more details ?

Can someone help please ?

Thanks in advance.



Re: whatsapp android brower wp20.ru spyware

Norton will scan SMS messages for issues. But the WhatApp app messages will not get scanned. It goes back to the user having to know enough to not click on any links if they do not recognise the sender. So you have to realise that it is not the WhatApp app that is infected, it is just one of the messages that contains a suspicious link.

All the information I have found so far on this malware is that it gets installed in browsers on Windows devices. And what is does is redirect the browser to display ads. So it should not be able to infect mobile devices.

Norton products do not block browser redirects because many web sites use them for legitimate reasons. Norton uses redirects on many of their sites.

If you want a second opinion scan, you can install and run Malwarebytes. That will focus more on items that may have redirects.

And going forward, you can add an ad blocker app, that should help protect you from redirects.

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