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My email got hacked recetly

My email was compromised! 

I thought Norton 360 would alert me, but when scanned, nothing showed up!

Looks like hacker gain control of my password and email.

I don't understand the value of VPN.  I use USA server, but some pages don't load, so I turn  it off!

And how come we cannot access Norton support -no email or phone access to my knowledge?

Have questions around best practices!  



Re: My email got hacked recetly

Norton Support is via Chat or Phone.  No email support. 

Please Contact Norton Support

Twitter Norton Support


Re: My email got hacked recetly

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

Avoiding and Reporting Scams

Check if your email address is in a data breach

Pwned Passwords

Hacked Email

  • Never click on links or download attachments from unknown sources.  
  • Hover your mouse over the links contained in emails to check if they are legitimate– don’t click unless you are sure they are safe.  
  • Question the validity of any email that asks you to submit personal or financial information.  

Five Reasons Why Clicking "Unsubscribe" May Be A Bad Idea

Why You Should Never 'Unsubscribe' From Illicit Spam Emails and Texts
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Leaky Forms: A Study of Email and Password Exfiltration Before Form Submission


Re: My email got hacked recetly


I don't understand the value of VPN.  I use USA server, but some pages don't load, so I turn  it off!

Please review: 

Learn why media streaming services or apps do not work when connected to Norton Secure VPN

Web sites often block VPN access for legal or copyright reasons. There is nothing a VPN provider can do to get around these blocks.

Contact the individual web sites to see if they block VPN access. Many sites do this for legal/copyright reasons.
A VPN service does not block access to any sites. There is no white/black lists for sites. 

Web sites have the right to protect their content. And sometimes there are legal reasons for blocking access to users from a different geographic location. 

Some VPN providers may have found ways to circumvent these legal protections. But Norton is not here to bypass legal protection. If you are one that wants to access this kind of legally protected content, then maybe you would be better served with another product.  (credit peterweb)

Many web sites do not allow access from known VPN IP addresses. They do this for copyright, legal, and political reasons. There is nothing a VPN provider can or should do to circumvent these legal protections. 

So if you are using the VPN feature in 360, this could be what you are seeing.

If the sites work without the VPN, try contacting the Support department for that/those sites to see if they have any work around for VPN users. (credit peterweb)


Re: My email got hacked recetly

if you wanna more protection on your account,just change your email more complex password to your mail and setting double confirm

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