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Password Vault icon/notification appears when I log in on to some unconnected website

I would be grateful for advice. My lack of knowledge has and will continue to prevent me from setting up Password

Vault. Even so, my "My Norton" display tells me it has somehow been activated. (One of countless of Norton 360

Premium "mysteries".)

What is of concern is how often the Password Vault icon/ motif appears when I'm logging on to some unconnected

website. With one financial institution in particular, the Username (for the financial institution) appears unprompted

on screen. I regard as a breach of my security that Norton should have a record of it.

Can this be prevented? Can I even disconnect Password Vault? I'm hardly likely to understand and use it; and in any

case, I hear password may soon be replaced with far better security, perhaps (early) next year.

Your advice will be or great help. Thank you very much in anticipation.

[Edit: Clarified the subject]