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Feature Suggestion (MFA Authenticator)

I do not know if anyone involved in the overall production design, features and stuff would ever see this.

Nonetheless I will make a suggestion for a feature that I think would just make Norton Productions and services complete for me.

The missing element is...

Some sort of MFA Application.

Similar to what Sophos has built into their Intercept X for android.

If Norton had something similar available and included, then I would go all in with Norton.

Would be nice to have just one app that I can use instead of one for security and another one for MFA.

And yet another for password management, etc.

I tend to be minimalist when using services.

Sophos has a one stop shop when it comes to securing my Mobile device as it pretty much does everything very well.

The main con with them is backing up the MFA function which can be problematic should one lose their device.

Norton however could make something like that and include it with the various suites (360?)

I mean we're paying for it right?

Sophos gives that and more away for free (shouldn't we be able to get at least the same thing if not more?)

Who knows if anyone will see this?

Everyone has different preferences and needs.

For me it would be nice to just pick one security app(vendor) to cover all that.

LastPass could work but would cost more money for something that I'm already paying for and/or am getting for free elsewhere.

Anyway, just suggestion for a product feature that could be included in the next version (would be great)