Norton fails to connect to VPN in China

Norton VPN is NOT always "on" on my PC, but often it claims that there's no internet connection therefore it can NOT activate VPN - it's button is grayed - and I'm confident internet is NOT an issue - please see the screen shot. After closing and restarting Norton a few seconds later then it's happy and working again - please see attached.

Another "recent" issue is after using VPN the screen size (e.g., 1280X960) and the size & location of the windows are lost, I'd need to manually reconfigure them all - that can't be fun, could it?     Knowing the "cat and mouse" to do the VPN, I hope you'd stay a step ahead of "them", or should we look for another solution?  Thanks!

Platform:  Windows (bought & loaded in US).    Location:  China. 

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Re: Norton fails to connect to VPN in China

Hi Kamran1327, try checking your internet settings, private or public network ect. In your screen shot it says connected. This is connected to the network, the network could still not have internet (temporarily)

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