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Mail app and Zapier

For a service that I use, I want to send out emails. A blue screen comes up and asks which email I want to send from. I found out that blue screen is for the mail app. I was going to add my emails to the mail app. The app says I have to give the app full access to the email accounts I enter. I don't want to give an app (or anything else) full access to any of my private information.

It was suggested to me that I should use Zapier. It sounds like there are a few issues with that app. I haven't gotten in to it far enough to know if there are issues of having to give it full access to it also.

As my security service and not a service that would gain from my using these apps, I was wondering if you could give me advice about these two apps. Are there other apps or options that might be more private but inexpensive that I could use?

Thank you,

Dave Anderson



Re: Mail app and Zapier


What is your operating system, and are you using a home computer for your personal use or is your computer being used in a business environment?

Since you mentioned the built-in Mail app that comes with Windows 10 and Windows 11, I'll assume you are trying to set up an email application on your home computer to send and receive emails.  When you say "For a service that I use, I want to send out emails" are you referring to a free email account provided by a service like your internet service provider (ISP), Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook.com, etc.?

If that is correct and you don't have a Microsoft Office suite that includes MS Outlook (I use MS Outlook 2019) then there are a few good free email clients like Thunderbird and eM Client that you can install on your computer and use to synchronize all the emails you send and receive from these services without having to use your browser to log in to their webmail application.  When you set up an account in Thunderbird for your ISP email, for example, you must provide the username, password and email address provided by your ISP so you can log into their email server - this will give you full access to all the emails you have sent and received using their service, and there is no other private information that you are required to provide.  See the Thunderbird support article Automatic Account Configuration for an example of how you might create an account in Thunderbird to send and receive emails from your ISP mail server.  Creating an account with the built-in Mail app that comes with Windows 10 and 11 is similar but this Mail app doesn't have some of the advanced features offered by Thunderbird and eM Client.

I read Zapier Review on the PC Magazine site as well as the Zapier support article Learn About Tasks in Zapier, and this sounds like software that would be used in a larger business or marketing firm to integrate tasks between different apps.  For example, Zapier could be used create an automated task that would detect if an incoming email had an attachment and then automatically save that attachment to an online file storage service like OneDrive or Dropbox. If I understood your question I don't think that Zapier is the type of software that would be needed by the average user unless they run a small business out of their home.
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