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Norton, Please stop with your constant annoying harassing popups

I have been using Norton products since Norton Commander came out in the Late 80's. I'm not an idiot when it comes to software, as I'm a software engineer!. Ok. Norton is getting from BAD to WORSE with their consist ant bombardment of unwanted and unnecessary popups. I respond "Not Interested" or, "Don't show again" or what ever the prompt is. Norton blatantly ignores and disregards their own popups and my responses. How can I trust Norton to protect my 10 computers if they don't listen to me a loyal customer for many many decades. How can I trust Norton for anything if they don't listen. I am really sick and tired of these consistent popups... If I want something I'll ask for it. I don't need to be hounded and harassed with these unwanted and un solicited popups. STOP IT. Please for gods sake STOP IT.