Goodbye Norton after many years I have purchased a competitor's product because it keeps blocking my network and your tech support is awful

After decades of being a loyal customer I have uninstalled Norton 360 and purchased another security package. The reason is that over the past several years Norton products have started to have serious issues that your tech support people have no idea how to solve. I had the problem of the firewall suddenly blocking all connectivity and claiming that setup had not completed. When I followed the prompts to fix the issue, Norton would never fix the problem. I had to restart my computer to get my network access for a little while and then it would again claim that setup was not complete (it was). When I contacted tech support they did nothing but follow a script and insist that they had to get onto my machine to fix the issue. I let them on three separate occasions and quickly regretted my decision each time. The solution to any firewall problem was to turn off the firewall. They also started deleting files without consent and would not relinquish control of my machine when I asked them to. Each time they were on my machine it took me several hours to repair all the damage they had done. After cleaning up all Norton files and reinstalling about thirty times it still does not work. I now have a new security provider and so far things are all working.

So GOODBYE NORTON. May I suggest you hire some developers that know what they are doing and get some tech support people that actually know something rather than just following a script.