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Norton charged the renewal to my credit card without prior advice

I have been a Norton customer for more than 30 years.  On 31 August I received an email from Norton advising that my credit card had been charged for a 3 licence subscription that was not due to expire until 5 October.  I was fully aware of when the renewal was due and as a very regular customer would have expected a reminder to say my credit card would be charged on a certain future date if I didn’t cancel beforehand.  I replied immediately to the renewal email advising I wished to cancel the subscription.  I received an email response within 2 hours confirming the renewal had been cancelled.  Despite this, 4 weeks later I had still not received a credit for the subscription I had been charged.  I initiated a chat on the Norton website to seek a refund.  The agent agreed to process the refund immediately but not the overseas taxation amount of $4.50 that had been charged on my credit card.  The agent’s supervisor also refused to do so.  I consider this appalling customer relations in the treatment of someone who has been using Norton products for more than 30 years.  Be warned about Norton treats customers with automatic licence renewals!

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Re: Norton charged the renewal to my credit card without prior advice

I am not familiar with any Overseas taxation amount. Is this paid directly to Norton when you make the purchase? What country are you in? Maybe this is something you have to try to get refunded by your taxation department?? 

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Re: Norton charged the renewal to my credit card without prior advice

The "overseas taxation amount" is what my bank had to pay to transfer a payment to Norton's overseas bank account (US ?) rather than the account of a local Norton subsidiary in Australia.   Norton quoted a subscription fee in Australian dollars so I shouldn't have to pay extra to transfer the funds overseas.  The refund of this amount is a matter of principle but not the main cause of my anger.

  1. Norton charged the renewal to my credit card without prior advice it would be happening and 5 weeks before the current subscription was due to expire.
  2. Despite my immediate cancellation of the renewal Norton failed to promptly refund the amount paid.  I waited 4 weeks for this to happen before initiating a chat conversation on their website when they agreed to make the refund.  I am still waiting to receive it.

I have numerous other subscription services and they all, without exception, advise me when the subscription is due to expire, what the renewal cost will be and when my credit card will be charged.  This provides an opportunity to decide whether to continue with the subscription BEFORE being charged.  Norton's approach seems to be to charge first and then expect the customer to fight to get a FULL refund in a timely manner.

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