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What A Sloppy Mess Norton Has Become.

We have a new icon for desktop but windows system is still the old one. Hardly any patches being released. VPN still doesn't work and I don't care if my ISP has that blocked, you shouldn't offer it as a perk. Crypto on a firewall? Whose that gonna benefit, not me, cause it doesn't do anything.

There are a total 4 Norton's running now:

Error Processor

Error Analyzer


Browser Agent, that I asked not to install is running hidden.



Re: What A Sloppy Mess Norton Has Become.

Hi NortonGotTribbles:

I don't use Norton 360 on my Win 10 machine, but while you're waiting for someone else to reply could you let us know your Windows OS [if Win 10 or Win 11 include the edition (Home, Pro, etc.), version and OS build number shown at Setting | System | About | Windows Specifications], the full name and version number of your Norton product (you should have v22.22.8.15, rel 14-Sep-2022), and default browser?

If you are still using the 64-bit Win 7 SP1 OS you mentioned in your 16-Jun-2021 post <here> have you confirmed that your OS is patched to end of extended support on 14-Jan -2020 and that you have installed the KB4474419 update discussed in Gayathri_R's SHA 2 Code Signing Support for Windows 7 required to run newer Norton versions?

You also said in previous posts that you ran the NRnR tool, but did you try running this tool in advanced "Remove Only" mode as instructed in the support article Download and Run the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool for Windows?  The advanced "Remove Only" mode does a better job of cleaning up remnants of older Norton installations (note the warning in that support article if you have other Norton products like Norton Family installed), and if I understand Gayathri_R's 25-Jan-2022 post Thank You For Your Feedback on Norton Crypto correctly then a clean reinstall should allow you to opt out of installing the Norton Crypto feature.  Also note that Etherum cryptomining was disabled by NortonLifeLock on 14-Sep-2022 (see Attention :: An Important Norton Crypto Announcement) so one of the Norton 360 users will have to tell you if the current Norton 360 v22.22.x installer even gives you the option of installing Norton Crypto after a clean reinstall.

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