VPN Split Tunnel

I was trying to use the split tunnel feature to exclude some programs from the Norton vpn, and was surprised when it just brought up a file tree.  It is not user-friendly to expect laypeople to search for .exe files in the program files folders on their computer.  A list of apps to select from would be much easier to utilize.

I'm wondering if this is a feature planned for future releases?  As it is, while I like the simplicity otherwise, I can't use the vpn without the split tunnel and I'm not going to go searching for executable files.  



Re: VPN Split Tunnel

 I'm not going to go searching for executable files.  

Unfortunately, for now, to use that function you do have to search for the .exe file.

This might be a good suggestion for the Product Suggestions board https://community.norton.com/forums/product-suggestions

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