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My Norton IS doesn't work properly

Every week my Norton gets crazy. I have a BT account and BT gave me a subscription for Norton because I have broadband service with them.

At the moment my Norton window doesn't have a top name with logo and any my subscription details. "My Norton" window is not working anymore (won't open at all). Also my Firewall is switching off itself till the new PC restart or never till new Norton reinstall.

I uninstall and reinstall Norton many many times using BT credentials to login again to my Norton subscription (*via BT) but after a week of installation my Norton seems to be crashing again.




Re: My Norton IS doesn't work properly

How are you uninstalling your Norton?   Try downloading and running the Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool from   www.norton.com/nrnr   Use the Advanced Options > Remove Only.  Then restart your computer.  Be sure you are using the Restart command. Not Shutdown and startup again if you have Windows Fast Startup feature enabled. If you use Windows 8/8.1, 10 or 11, there can be an issue with the Windows Fast Startup feature.. See more information here.

Then download your product from your BT source and sign in again. 

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