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Norton Security Program Control bug ?

Is there a known bug with Firewall Program Control?

I purposely use manual Program Control and have done for many years. Previously I used to Allow this instance once only for my browser and email app and can access fine throughout that session as normal. For example, I Allow this instance for the homepage and from then on I can browse any site after that fine. I open email app and Allow this instance and access different email server accounts fine.

Now if I open browser I get constant prompts for every site, every ad and every banner the page tries to open. Same with email app. I get prompted for every email server and every image in email. Can get on average 50 prompts on a webpage or email message before it stops and I can finally view it. It was fine with previous version and I've not changed anything. Its almost like there's an agressive mode.

Happens more often than not but there are times when it can be fine for one session and aggressive prompting next session.

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Re: Norton Security Program Control bug ?

If you can post a screenshot of one of these messages, it can help us diagnose what is happening.

Instructions to post screenshots can be found here


Re: Norton Security Program Control bug ?

Since I've not had the constant program control prompts.  I don't know if it's a coincidence?

Seems to be back to normal now, just one prompt I allow the instance and it's OK. Odd but glad firewall APC is working normally again.


Re: Norton Security Program Control bug ?

Looks like it's still happening.

Screenshot as requested. The local port keeps incrementing on each prompt. Was 60333, now into the 604xx.

Even after I end all firefox instances in Task Manager, I still get many prompts for a while but they do eventually stop once I've acknowledged them all.

25 minutes later I open firefox and APC prompts me, I allow this instance once and it's fine. Local port now 6065x. This time it didn't repeatedly prompt and increment port number. Is that a helpful clue?

Edit: Found this 2020 article showing firefox incrementing port numbers. For some reason APC firewall is prompting me for every port number change rather than just letting me allow Firefox through for current session as it usually should.

Article: odd port numbers used by Firefox


Re: Norton Security Program Control bug ?

I'll have to drop out here and hope someone that actually uses manual firewall control can chime in to help.

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