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Bullguard migration

On one device Bullguard has been automatically uninstalled and Norton 360 for Gamers installed. This is running Windows11. The email says "Norton GO Deluxe" would be installed. Why has Norton 360 for Gamers been installed?

The other device is still on Bullguard. Still able to download new updates and run all the features, so no urgency to migrate, but when will it be migrated?





Re: Bullguard migration

Your other device(s) will receive the update when it is their turn. That is the only way I can try to explain it. Like updates to Norton's products, some features are released in a phased manner. A small number will start getting the update and then the release is paused until the telemetry can be checked for any problems with update. If all is well, the release in turned on again.

So when you get the migration is just a matter of timing. The device has to be connected to the internet when the update is being offered.


Re: Bullguard migration

Yes I've had the same problem. I've now cancelled the automatic renewal of my subscription but can't get it to give me a refund as it wants a sort of order number which I don't have as it was migrated from BullGuard. It's driving me nuts and taking up so much time.

I too was given Norton for gamers rather than Norton Go Deluxe. I don't game.

I've found it impossible to contact Norton.

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Re: Bullguard migration

After Bullguard migrated to Norton on my computer my Norton Account showed that I had "Norton GO Deluxe" installed. (As I had been informed it would be in the run up to the migration).

However the App on my PC showed as "Norton 360 for Games".

I managed to get through to an agent on the Norton Chat and was advised :

<<"Yes, it is because you got your subscriptions transferred to Norton and with that you got the interface of Norton 360 Gamers but do not worry you have all the features and even upgraded with Norton GO Deluxe.

Norton GO Deluxe stands for Norton Gamers Online Deluxe.">>

Hope this info may help someone.

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