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Norton Password Manager Won't Open UNLESS...

I've had Norton 360 for years and have used Norton Passork Manager (NPM) ("The Vault") for years as well. Never had any issues. I have it on my Iphone, too, again, with no issues. Lately, on my laptop (Windows 11), I click on the NPM Icon, the box opens that says "it's Locked", and the Open Vault box is there, and when I click on the yellow "Open Vault" icon, the box closes and I am dumped back to whatever screen I was on.

HOWEVER, If I click on the NPM Icon, and choose "SIgn Out", THEN Get back to the Yellow Open Vault box, and Sign back into Norton, the Blue SIgn-in Box APPEARS, I CAN sign in and it now works as it should/used to!

Something is messed up somewhere that makes it all work if I SIGN OUT then SIGN IN.