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Configure Norton 360?


So, a kind SOUL on these boards pointed out to me how I could switch from Norton Security Deluxe to Norton 360. When I bought my HP laptop from BESTBUY, some time ago, I had also asked GeekSquad (in store) to please install Norton 360 (for which I had paid for). Instead, they installed Norton Security Deluxe...COVID 19 (Corona virus) became more rampant in state/people dying as a result of it...and me as a Senior Citizen with myriad health concerns...Corona Virus could have killed me as well, hence I left the house as little as possible!

So, now that I finally DO HAVE Norton 360 is there anything specific that I have to/should configure?

For instance, under Settings - Administrative settings - Handles/OFF...Settings Password Protection/OFF...Silent Mode/OFF (that sounds like something that should be ON!).

This is an Old Guy thanking you for having taken the time to read this post and & even more so for responding. I appreciate ANY and ALL advice GOOD PEOPLE! ;o)



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Re: Configure Norton 360?

most of the settings i would leave alone

however in task shedhual ( misspelled i know) i would turn to manual ( and untick the options)

in administrative setting i would turn off special offer notifications ( about half way down page)

if you dont want to use the back up an turn that off also

the anti spam can also turn off ( unless you use it)


Re: Configure Norton 360?


THANK YOU for responding! ;o)

I shall give your advice serious consideration.


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