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Unable to install Norton Security on Windows 11 Home


I recently migrated from a Windows 10 Home system to a new Windows 11 Home system. However, when I try to install Norton Security Premium on my new system nothing happens. The downloader gets downloaded, and when I click on the EXE file it downloads the install files and supposedly runs. I get no errors or messages. I just says it's installed, but Norton is NOT installed. I still have two licenses left on my subscription, so I assume that is not the problem. I have also read about Windows 11 S mode, but I am not in S mode.

Any suggestions?



Re: Unable to install Norton Security on Windows 11 Home

Problem solved. I ran the Norton Remove & Reinstall tool, and Norton Secure successfully installed on my Windows 11 Home system. I migrated from my Windows 10 Home system using Zinstall. It did a great job, but I suspect it corrupted the registry. However, even though my subscription now shows that Norton is installed on my new system, it shows it no longer installed on my old system.

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