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I am an American living in Brazil.  

I have Norton VPN so I can watch Soccer games from my Xfinity Live account.  

Xfinity does not allow access to foreign countries. 

Everything has been fine, until recently my computer is showing wG tunnel. 

And now I can't access xfinity again. 

I need a VPN to watch but Xfinity Is not reconizing something.  I don't completely understand the situation.

Any help would be great. Ecsepcially since the USA vs Netherland game is this saturuday and its way better watching it in English.  Thank god brazil has 10 channels for Soccer.   




It is possible that it is not that Xfinity is not recognising something. Exactly opposite. It may be that Xfinity is detecting the connection attempt from a known VPN IP address and blocking the connection. Many web sites do not allow access from known VPN IP addresses. They do this for copyright, legal, security, and political reasons. There is nothing a VPN provider can or should do to circumvent these legal protections. 



@Mario Louis Hi, try some other locations. or log in again to your VPN account.

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