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NF Monitored IPhone: Apps Disappear Then Reappear & Mixed Up

Norton Family monitored IPAD and Iphone mess up app organization to the point it is unusable and makes my child very upset.

I found a previous question talking about it here:


The repeated response was: "Apps will get rearranged once they reappear after curfew and will be placed in the home screen in alphabetical order. This is as per Apple’s design."

That is just idiotic!  That isn't a solution!  If there isn't a real solution then Norton Family isn't useful and I will end my subscription.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Re: NF Monitored IPhone: Apps Disappear Then Reappear & Mixed Up

Hi @EJHunter,

Rearrangement of apps in iPhone / iPad after curfew is due to Apple's platform restriction. Unfortunately, this restriction cannot be circumvented by third party apps including Norton Family.

Thanks and Regards,
Norton Family Team

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