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Finding errors on a restore from backup

I run Norton 360 deluxe on windows 10. I did a restore from backup of over 45000 files. The final report told me that some files could not be restored because of errors. I need to know what those files are. Is there a searchable log? Or is there any other way to identify which files were not successfully restored?

The display that I get as "restore results" is useless because there is no way to find the problem cases. (The backup files are on NAS at my location, accessed over my home network. I have done a few restores in the past, always successfully.)



Re: Finding errors on a restore from backup

You can check the Norton 360 History. Open the classic interface from the new My Norton interface by clicking on Open beside Device Security. Then double click on the Security pillar and click on History. From the drop down list scroll down to Backup. Click on the backup that had the errors and see if the More Options shows any useful information.

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