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Unable to print while VPN on

My Macbook Pro is running Monterey (which I keep up to date)

I find that the only way to print over wifi, the printer being on my local network, is to turn the Secure VPN off. Otherwise it just tries to connect to the printer, and ultimately gives up.

I've also got Norton AntiVirus' Firewall instead of the built-in one, but I'm not sure if it's properly configured - I can access the internet and most of my apps' internet connections work, and I can use AirDrop ok, but it seems to be when I'm trying to talk to the other devices on my network using wi-fi that things aren't 100%.

Is it the case that I will have to turn the VPN off? There's no option to stay connected to local devices. or to use split-tunnelling. Is there an ETA on when Mac will have it?