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Emails about Norton Extras

I couldn't find the exact category to put this query.

I've been getting emails from Norton telling me that Norton Extras in available to me at no extra cost. I have to call (020) 7949 0005. The email is from <norton@secure.norton.com>

Before I phoned the number I thought I'd do my own research so I've searched the Norton websites and cannot find anything about Norton Extras.

If this feature is available to me at no cost, why not just add it to my existing package. Why do I need to phone about it?


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Re: Emails about Norton Extras

Sounds like a phishing scam to get your credit card number.  Most likely if you call, they will claim they need to verify your billing information to turn on the free feature.  I wouldn't call them.


Re: Emails about Norton Extras

Having read the email again it tells me that a Nortons Extra available to me is Norton Customer Care where 8 can "Get expert help from a Norton Customer Service agent to make your old PC or Mac run like new." A subsequent footnote says that this Norton Extra must be redeemed before the end of your current subscription period. I'd rather access this service through my subscription login rather than a link or phone number in an email.

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