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HELP with service

I hope that my case is an exception, but Norton’s support has been entirely useless – worse than useless, it has wasted 20 hours of my time.   I have had a Norton subscription for years but decided to add the Utilities Ultimate to the subscription.  On the first two computers, all went fine.  On my main computer, it would not activate.  Clicking on the activate button did nothing.     I uninstalled and reinstalled and got the same outcome. 

I have now been through 11 agents (level 1, level 2, and “engineers”) and at least 3 “case numbers” without getting any real help. 

  1. Ashish
  2. Ramandeep
  3. Giridaran
  4. Himani
  5. Anmal
  6. Ayushi – begin level 2
  7. Sonal
  8. Anit
  9. Neeraj
  10. Mohit
  11. Ankit

All the level 1 people assured me that they could fix it.  Then, after taking control of my computer, they uninstalled and reinstalled Norton.  After doing so, Utilities still did not work, and they simply disconnected generally without a word chat message – they were simply gone.   I told each of them what I had done and what previous agents had done, but they ignored and did the same things.

When moved on to level 2 agents, I expected more and got less.  Oh, they ran some extra checks on my system.  But, after promising to call, they did not call.   There have been 3 separate times when they “scheduled” a call.   None of those calls came in the specified time frame.  One call came as I headed to a meeting and I told them when to call back.  First, they acted like I should prioritize them over a scheduled business meeting.   Then, they said that they would call back as I requested.  Of course, they did not call back at the suggested time, or even that day.  One of the calls came 2 hours after I went to bed and 90 minutes after my wife and I were asleep.   There is nothing like being awakened from a sound sleep to hear a Norton person saying, “I am calling to fix your computer.  Is this a good time.”   My most recent contact (Friday) promised another call within 48 hours.  It has now been 72 hours and no call. 

To be clear, there is nothing special about this computer – standard make and model, normal software, no modifications.  Yet, nobody at Norton seems to give a damn, or if they do, they have no idea what is wrong.  

I have never experienced service this bad in my life and, like many people, I have had service problems with contractors, airlines, and a host of other businesses.   NORTON is the WORST at customer service in my lifetime.



Re: HELP with service

What Windows version are you using on the problem system?    

Is there any chance that you have, or have had another utility software on this system?


Re: HELP with service

just my 2 cents here

but could be something with the 3rd your trying to get installed and operating on, just tossing out ideas as i go so this may be confusing

are they all the same version of windows?

i found if you click help and the get support ( left column) that can fix some problems especially if you do a reinstall

may show some installation or something else and require a restart ( example)


Re: HELP with service

Same version of Windows as other machines.   No other utility software.   Thanks for trying.


Re: HELP with service

You can try activating your Norton Utilities Ultimate, NUU, by logging into your Norton Account and copying your NUU product key. Then open NUU on the troubled machine and click on the "?" help icon and click on About Norton Utilities Ultimate. On the next page, click on Change Key and enter the NUU product key there.

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